Redwoods and Seascapes with The Image Doctors

Landscape photography safari May 15-19 from Crescent City, CA

Join us for a small-group photo safari May 15-19 in Crescent City, CA to photograph majestic redwoods and rugged coastal seascapes along the California and southern Oregon coast!

Embark on a captivating photo safari along California’s redwood coast, led by Image Doctors podcast hosts, Jason Odell & Rick Walker. This immersive experience promises an unforgettable journey through magical landscapes of redwood forests and coastal seascapes, spanning both California and southern Oregon.

Redwood Forests

You’ll explore and photograph the towering giants of the ancient redwood forests near Redwood National Park. Jason and Rick will lead you through lush groves, where sunlight filters through the colossal canopies, creating a magical interplay of light and shadows. Learn the art of capturing the grandeur of these majestic trees, from wide-angle shots showcasing the forest’s vastness to intimate close-ups revealing the intricate details of fern-covered forest floors.

Coastal Seascapes

This safari also explores the dramatic seascapes of California and southern Oregon. With crashing waves, sea stacks, and dramatic cliffs as your backdrop, master the techniques of capturing dynamic and awe-inspiring coastal scenes. Jason and Rick will provide insights into composition, framing, and the use of long exposures to convey the motion of the ocean, creating images that evoke a sense of both power and tranquility.

Inclusive for All Levels

Whether you’re a novice photographer looking to improve your skills or an experienced shutterbug seeking new challenges, this safari is designed to cater to all levels. Jason and Rick offer personalized guidance and support, tailoring their advice to each participant’s individual needs.

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