Sharing the joy of photography since 2005

Rick Walker and Jason Odell started The Image Doctors photography podcast almost on a dare. In 2005, they were approached by the Nikonians online community to start a recurring photography-based podcast. From 2005-2011, they aired over 150 bi-weekly episodes, mostly covering aspects of photography with the Nikon system.

After a long hiatus, Rick and Jason returned to the airwaves in 2021 with a new, weekly show. Each week, The Image Doctors explore historical, technical, and creative aspects of digital photography. They also offer photo safaris and workshops, with their first one dating back to 2007.

Notable guests on The Image Doctors podcast include Dave Black, Tony Sweet, Deborah Sandidge, Joe McNally, Rick Sammon, Thom Hogan, plus local photographers sharing their passion for photography. Have an idea for a guest or a show topic? Contact us!

Jason Odell
Jason Odell
Rick Walker
Rick Walker

Listener Reviews

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“One of the best podcasts on photography”

Great up to date and pertinent information on equipment, topics du jour, latest techniques and places to photograph. Kudos to a long-running successful podcast.

“An Adult Conversation”

It’s nice to listen to two mature, accomplished photographers discussing photographic topics without hyperbole. Rick and Jason have the credentials to discuss Nikon and other gear, travel, bird, wildlife, nature and landscape photography. It’s a pleasure to listen to these two guys.

“Calming, philosophical, and inspirational”

This is the antidote for YouTube overload. So glad I found this podcast. Don’t be misled by the intro music. There are some some hidden gems of wisdom scattered throughout these discussions that I will be applying to more than just photography.